Crawl-In and Walk-In Starseeds

By Tim Reeves

There are two (main) ways for starseed souls to link up with a human body:

At conception – a “Crawl-In”

This means that you agreed to initially forget all you knew in order to go through the “whole process” of a human life, so yours was and is the only soul linked with “your” body. You were initially immersed in and fully connected with the human morphogenetic field – and after that your life is spent clawing your way back up to some semblance of spiritual maturity. May the divine bless you! It ain’t easy – but very worthwhile, because through the strong initial connection with the human morphogenetic field you have the maximum leverage to elevate it a bit. You do this as you continue your journey through this life with the constant subconscious drive of your soul, a sort of inbuilt quest for spiritual maturity. Indeed, the older soul is always trying to re-express its maturity at all other levels of the organism constituting this life – body, energy and mind – here on earth.

Most starseeds are Crawl-Ins.

Any time after conception – a “Walk-In”

For whatever reasons (no doubt there is an infinite variety of combinations of reasons) one soul (starseed or human) starts off with a life, and at some point quits the living body, in prior agreement with another soul. This other soul “walks in” and takes over the life of this body-mind organism, living it from thereon. The “new” soul – quite probably a starseed – will have the advantage of a stronger connection with the morphogenetic fields from which it comes, but also initially a weaker connection to the human morphogenetic field. This means that the tasks to be accomplished are more likely to be performed through leading or teaching others, due to lack of personal morphogenetic leverage.

The actual switch may be accompanied by feelings of pressure, disorientation, headache and such things. Looking in a mirror may cause a feeling of “that’s not me”. In general the most sure sign is a complete change of nature, of disposition, of interests – quite likely the “life” will suddenly go off in a completely new direction.

Enjoy the ride!

In either case…

You’ve got lots to do. Get moving – and enjoy the ride!

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