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    I recently traveled to a place that had the big space-age scan machines.
    I did not pass and had to be patted down personally. When the agent told me that, I was surprised, “I don’t have any metal on.” She said, “Look” I turned back and saw the screen and I had square blocks that indicate metal totally up my spine and even overlapping, as well as spread out both sides just below the shoulders. “Whoa.”
    Has anyone else had such an experience?
    Next time I travel I’m going to tell them I’ve had back surgery and need to be patted down.

    AvatarAnna Reeves

    Yes, last week I went through such a scanner at bangkok airport and it showed something on my head, I think next to one of my ears. I don’t wear earrings and there were no decorations in my hair or anything that could have explained it, very strange…
    If there really were metal plates in your body you should be able to feel them though, can you feel anything unusual in your spine?


    Hi. I have been having strange experiences which I can’t really explain to anyone because they think i’m making it up.
    These things started about 2 years back and I have a strange constant back pain for no real reason. I passed it off as stress but when i came across this post, i thought there might be some possible explanation to it?



    If you mean body-scanners, they don’t just detect metal. Anything that blocks more of the radiation than regular clothing will show up.

    But apparently some scanners have a high error rate and either show non-existing objects or are triggered by sweat or the like, so I wouldn’t worry about it. In fact software errors in imaging machines are often square shaped.

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