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    Upon awakening, if you find yourself channeling energies you never knew existed, Don’t Panic! I found myself channeling 6-12 different energies a night (I work 3rd shift) while at work and for a while I thought I was becoming a multipule personality because I had a strange recollection of self (sort of) while channeling.

    Just remember, channeling energies is not like channeling deceased humans. You are left with this awareness because you are doing this to learn perspective, and once you are awake, you will see the relevence.


    What is it like, to channel energies? Is it just hearing a voice in your head? Or is there a definite presence that accompanies it? Do you see anything?

    Communication has always been difficult for me, both in the physical and the spiritual realms. Do you have any advice for someone who’s never done this before and needs help?


    Replying to Leslie:

    The answer to your first 3 questions truly depend on the strength of the energies you channel. Now it is common to just feel the energies but a select few out there can in fact sense the spirits that are connected to that energy “frequency”. Now as to helping you channel: It works best for me when I meditate in a quiet area with no distractions. It may be different for you, but try anything you can to relax.


    perhaps from a child I had strange unexplained sensations I remember telling my mother ‘mum I feel odd as if im not really here’ she obviously would tell me not to be silly a feeling of if I allowed it I would float away as I have developed I guess I managed to cope with these feelings so as they didn’t interfere with my everyday existence more recently I have been having physical vibrations and im not quite sure what these are id be grateful if anyone could enlighten me please love and happiness julierasq xx

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