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    Need a place to wind down and reconnect with your past lives and true nature? I’ve found an ideal place to do so: The small town of Anopoli in the Sfakia region of Crete.

    Crete is a large and very mountainous island, offering breathtaking vistas on a gargantuan scale – an ideal location to let your attention become wide and relaxed, moving on through the open blue sky into space.

    Most cretan beaches worth calling that are well developed and full of tourists; but if you go inland and then away from the beaten track you’ll find wonderful solitude, great for meditation or simply being. After circumnavigating the island I returned to where I’d been first: Anopoli, just east of the famous White Mountains. The hinterland is full of deserted dirt-track roads ideal for walking.

    A great place to stay is Taverna and Rooms Koulieris in Anopoli, Safkia, Crete.

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