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How to become a member

Click on Register near the bottom of the sidebar at right of the page. A dialog will appear in which you can enter your desired Username (for logging in with, e.g. “luke”) and your email address. You must also answer a simple math question to prove that you are a person, not a spam robot. Our terms of use are linked from there and you must agree to them by activating a checkbox and adding your initials in the field provided before the dialog can be submitted. As a result the website will send an email to the given address containing your login password.

When you subsequetly log in, you will see that you are logged in at the bottom right of each page of the website. Clicking on your Username there opens a dialog with an overview of your forum activity, and a link “(Edit)” behind your Username at the top left. Clicking that link brings you to to your profile, where you can set a personal password and add your first and last names, which will give you a variety of display names to choose from (in a dropdown list, e.g. “Luke Skywalker”). The display name will be displayed as author of forum topics and replies, i.e. it will be visible to guests (and search engines). So please make a conscious decision whether to use your real name as your display name or not. The only other item which will be displayed to the public is your biographical info, which you can enter under “About Yourself”.

Members forum

After you log in, a private “Members forum” appears at the top of the forums list (at the top of the right sidebar). This is a good place to put anything which you do not want indexed by search engines or read by casual non-member visitors, e.g. your biography (for those who want to submit a biography only accessible to members but not to search engines).

Getting a personal picture (avatar) makes use of the facility incorporated in WordPress to use “Globally Recognized Avatars”, or Gravatars for short. Gravatars are a service provided at, where you’ll need to go if you don’t have an account there yet. To quote them: “Your Gravatar is an image that follows you from site to site appearing beside your name when you do things like comment or post on a blog. Avatars help identify your posts on blogs and web forums, so why not on any site?”.

Basically, your image is matched to your email address, so wherever you use the same email, the same Gravatar will automatically appear, saving you having to load your image to multiple websites. You only need to register one account at, which can then handle multiple pictures and also multiple email addresses. The images you load there can be almost any size, but will be cropped and resized as required, so we suggest loading a square image, or one which you can easily crop to be square. Since your avatar will normally only be displayed as a (very) small picture, your uploaded picture need not be more than 200 to 300 pixel per side.