Starseed Missions

By Anna Reeves

Starseeds in general have different missions on earth; here are the categories into which I would put them. I present here what I know, if anyone thinks I have missed out a mission then please write to me about it via Email for evaluation.

  • “Anchors”:
    As the term “starseed” implies, a lot of us are here to “seed” earth with the energies from our home planet.
    This is not something we do actively, often we will not even be aware that we are fulfilling our mission simply by being here and anchoring our energy, which will usually be a very high one since our home planets are usually more evolved than earth, into earth’s morphogenetic field. Thus our presence raises the overall frequency/energy of earth and makes it easier for all humans to evolve into these frequencies themselves.
  • “Builders”:
    These are the starseeds who actively work to change earth by building new structures in various areas of society; not by fighting against the old system, but simply by creating new, alternative and more enlightened organizations, groups, systems, ways of doing things… They have a strong vision of how certain things could be improved or what needs to be created, and they set about doing this with determination and conviction.
  • “Watchers”:
    A small percentage of starseeds seems to be here simply to observe what is going on here on earth at this important time in its history. This could be either because their home planet wants more information about what is going on, or to record current events for the future.
  • “Guides”:
    Sometimes a starseed soul may incarnate with the purpose of helping a certain other incarnated soul on their way, being a guide for this one person. This category of starseeds tends often not to be aware that they are already fulfilling their mission by helping this one person.
  • I don’t know how to call this fifth category.
    Some starseeds may be here not so much for the benefit of earth, but for that of their home planet. This is mainly the view of Jelaila Starr, who claims to be channeling the “Nibiruan Council”. I would summarise her view like this: Many civilizations have become stagnant in their spiritual growth by polarising too much towards the light or the dark, or they have some conflicts within their society or with another race that they can’t solve. So they send starseeds to earth, and when they are born here they forget everything about those problems. So when their guides re-create those problems for them in their life here on earth, they have the possibility to solve them here, and if they do then that creates a template which their home planet can use.

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