Starseed Missions

By Anna Reeves

Apart from simply raising the frequency of the planet by being here, we tend to have more specific roles or missions to fulfill as well. Here are the categories into which I would put them. Most of them are from Elizabeth April’s book. If you feel that there are any missing, you can comment below.
Keep in mind that you could fall into more than one category, and that you may not even have to know what your mission is in order to complete it. And that you could already be in starseed retirement, meaning you have already done enough for humanity in previous incarnations plus maybe the first part of your life. You may still have karma to clear from your previous incarnations on earth, or you may already be done with that and may even be free to do whatever you want with your remaining time.

  • “Builders”:
    These are the starseeds who actively work to change earth by building new structures in various areas of society; not by fighting against the old system, but simply by creating new, alternative and more enlightened organizations, groups, systems, ways of doing things… They have a strong vision of how certain things could be improved or what needs to be created, and they set about doing this with determination and conviction.
  • “Satellites”:
    A small percentage of starseeds seems to be here simply to observe what is going on here on earth at this important time in its history. This could be either because their home planet wants more information about what is going on, or to record current events for the future. They also receive a lot of information from their home planet, which gets anchored into the consciousness field of earth without them even having to teach it to others.
  • “Guides”:
    Sometimes a starseed soul may incarnate with the purpose of helping a certain other incarnated soul on their way, being a guide for this one person. This category of starseeds tends often not to be aware that they are already fulfilling their mission by helping this one person.
  • “Healers”:
    Even if they are not healers by profession, their presence alone can have a healing influence on others. They tend to have a remedy for everything and to just intuitively know what others need. They may exhaust themselves by giving too much and get sick often.
  • “Grid Workers”:
    This type spends a lot of their time doing gridwork in the astral realm, opening up portals, vortices and ancient sites. This will often leave them feeling tired. They tend to be very connected to Mother Gaia and feel a need to travel and visit ancient sites.
  • “Teachers”:
    These are the thought-leaders that are constantly learning, downloading information and channeling it, and trying to pass it on to others. Their natural charisma helps them in spreading it.
  • “Rebels”:
    The Rebels have an important role to play, catalyzing change by rebelling against existing norms and structures. Not an easy one of course, because they often get outcast, persecuted and killed for it.


on Starseed Missions

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    The dreaded mission. Well aware of being a starseed, I remind myself during times of extreme duress, that my mission is why I am here. I ask for strength during these times, I ask them to see me, and then I thank them. I believe my mission is to be a walk-in for a soul that may not have been able to endure this particularly painful human existence. I am told constantly, “I can’t believe you are not a psychopath, or how do you do it?” I have survived this life so far (45) and hope the next one, or none, that I will be able to enjoy this beautiful mother Earth. Where are the other Starseeds, I am starting to feel loneliness.

    • wrote on

      Hi AriesHorse,
      well we are around, but it’s a crazy time on this world in general and those of us who can, (must) do everything we can. I’m writing a book, and starting to offer evening courses in ESP. Among other things. All even though I’m pushing 70. I suggest taking the time to slow down, meditate, go for daily walks in nature and simply noticing the universal connectedness help to keep me sane and with enough energy for my tasks. Good luck!

    • wrote on

      I’m here. I’m exhausted, but I’m here.. I feel a bit confused about my assigned mission, as I feel as though I may be an “incumbent” (closest word I can think of)… I feel like I am assigned to take on all missions and roles that are presented before me…

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