Am I a Starseed?

By Tim Reeves

Since you’re reading this article, the chances are above average πŸ™‚

Starseed Symptoms

Here is a (non-exhaustive) list of typical symptoms experienced by starseeds on earth:

  1. Feeling out of place here – like a fish out of water. You may also be a misfit or loner.
  2. Feeling like the people here aren’t “right” or are not really related to you – asking yourself “Where are my people, where is my tribe?”.
  3. Feeling overwhelmed by the crazy energies and prevalent destructive belief patterns of this place – so that you might often be thinking “This is madness, utter madness – let me off this planet”.
  4. Attacks of incredibly intense craving to “go home”, for a UFO to land and pick you up (whereas most human souls will run away from a UFO, or at least approach it with extreme caution, many starseeds will automatically run towards it). Such bouts of longing, despite being of psychological nature, may register higher on the “pain” scale than anything else you ever experience here.
  5. Noticing your energy pattern and muscle-tension states – at long last – relax when you are (exclusively) in the presence of starseeds.
  6. Going to channeling lessons and while all the other guys are channeling some angels or ascended masters, your contacts are usually with extraterrestrial beings.
  7. Some starseeds even have clear memories of and/or connections with their last life and/or beings still living there. Such information may well up in your dreams, in a daydream state or while waking up, or even simply in the normal waking state, when you focus your attention on the connection.
  8. A burning desire to know the meaning of life, to understand the basis of existence.
  9. An intuitive and heartfelt caring, about other beings and/or nature.
  10. Feeling comfortable alone – because you’re not alone, all of existence is there.

Regarding (3) and (4) – it’s sad but true that not all crawl-in starseeds make it to physical maturity here – some are so overwhelmed upon waking up here that they “escape” into e.g. hard drugs – from which some “come through”, and some don’t.

I’m still not sure…

Then you can try being the subject of a regression. This is a process whereby you gradually move your attention back through time, through the events of this life, winding up as a baby, even further back as a fetus in the womb, and even further back, to… whatever comes. Human souls will remember or see incarnations here, starseeds will probably end up describing other planets or planes of being. Note that some starseeds have incarnated on earth before, and that there may well be humans on other planets too, so if you recall human lives it does not mean that you are not a starseed. The converse however is true – if you experience a non-human existence in the regression then you most probably are! One could do a regression by oneself, but it will probably be easier (and nicer) with a good friend prompting you gently, to “row the boat of your attention ever further upstream, back along the river of time”.


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