Awakening as Zeta

Submitted by: Paradoxx Reticulan, April 2018

The search for self is never-ending, especially with the knowledge at-hand that you are not entirely human. Endless signs from the universe appear since childhood. Sometimes these signs are simple, other times far more complex. Like many threads that eventually build a woven tapestry, our true identity begins to take shape.

My story began when I was 11 years old. I started to dream about the Greys. Sometimes these dreams were simply cameos, where the Greys would just be present. Other times I would be chasing down UFOs, trying to find more answers. I do believe these repeated dreams were the beginning of my awakening as a Grey. I always longed for a spacecraft that I believe was my home, and ached for a planet I believe is long abandoned. I often wished my Grey family would come get me and save me from this planet.

Incidentally, I never discovered otherkin until I was 15, and did not know of Starseeds until I was 14. However, at age 13, I ultimately decided I was an alien-human hybrid, half-Grey specifically. Shortly thereafter, though, I realized that while I identified as a Grey, there was no way I could be physically a Grey, even partly. It was then that I started to wonder if my spirit was what was non-human. Something clicked in me. I knew I was spiritually a Grey, and wholly a Grey, not a hybrid.

Some may disagree with my beliefs, but I maintain that the Greys are overall good, despite abductions. I believe they do not intend any harm to humanity. I have feelings about how the Greys live, and I believe the Greys are simply studying humans, just as humans would other extra-terrestrial life, if discovered. I even recall my Grey mother, adorned in sheer silk-like material, violet in color and somewhere between a robe and a scarf. She has always been gentle, and was the one I believe told me what I now know I am.

Yes, I am a Grey. I am one of the Zeta Reticulans. I cannot recall why I am here, but I know I serve some purpose to the Greys and the earth and all its life. I haven’t seen my Grey mother in years, but now I pray that she will come visit me, and help me to understand my purpose, just as she helped me to understand myself.

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