What are Starseeds?

By Anna Reeves

It’s not actually as straightforward to define what makes out a starseed as one might think. Almost all of the souls that are currently incarnating on earth have had previous incarnations on other planets. Also, starseeds do not necessarily have to be completely new here, they could have already had a few dozen or hundred incarnations on earth and still feel out of place here. There are also so-called cycle starseeds that cycle between incarnating on earth and elsewhere. Plus a few angelics and a few rare cases of souls that came here directly from Source. We also need to consider that not every soul that came here from the stars is necessarily here to seed the planet – there is also a small percentage of rogue agents that are here for their own gain.
So, some people say that we are all starseeds because our souls have all been elsewhere, or because all the atoms in our bodies were once in stars. While it can sometimes be a good thing to make clear to ordinary people that we aren’t completely different to them, the term becomes somewhat useless if you apply it that broadly. So I would rather apply it more narrowly, because I do think there is a difference. I would say it lies with our purpose for being here. Earth-based souls are here to learn the kind of lessons that can be learned in a 3D environment like earth. They tend to incarnate here over and over again because the learning process is quite slow, and form one big soul group. Starseeds on the other hand have already learned those lessons in previous incarnations and progressed to higher densities/dimensions. They come here not so much for their own learning, but to seed the planet with higher consciousness and understandings.
That is not to say that they don’t have to learn anything, or that their soul may not grow from the experience. In fact, often they will descend deeply into unconsciousness for a while, only to reawaken very quickly. Their souls may also choose to experience very traumatic things, because they know that they have the potential to heal from it fairly quickly. And that their learning process becomes part of the human morphogenetic field, thus making it easier for others to awaken and heal themselves too.
I guess the angelics and those that came from Source are technically not starseeds, if you interpret the word literally, as “coming from the stars”. However, then those that came from spaceships or space stations wouldn’t be either. So maybe better to maintain a more loose definition and include everyone who is here to seed the planet with higher consciousness.
I don’t know if it’s true, but I have heard some people saying that our Higher Self is of a certain species, or based on a certain planet or spaceship. So then the earth-based souls would have their Higher Selves here and the starseeds elsewhere.
Regarding DNA, all humans have a certain amount of extraterrestrial DNA because extraterrestrials turned the homo erectus into homo sapiens. Starseeds may have more such DNA than the average human, but I wouldn’t make this a defining characteristic.

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