What are Starseeds?

By Anna Reeves

I have come across varying definitions of what being a starseed means. I will try and summarise those definitions and give my own opinion. If anyone wants to start a discussion about this in the forum then you are welcome to do so.

  • As I see it, a starseed is a soul who has spent the majority of his or her previous lives on another planet and is now voluntarily incarnating on earth with a certain mission (see the article on starseed missions for more information about them). Because it is more used to living on other planets, it will find this existence strange and unfamiliar, or feel like it doesn’t belong here.
  • Some people argue that we are all starseeds because most of the atoms and molecules that we and the earth are made of were originally made in stars. I think this is a rather trivial and well-known fact, and a misunderstanding of what the term starseed really means. Being a starseed has to do with where your soul came from, not your body.
  • I have come across some articles on the internet which say that starseeds have extraterrestrial DNA. To me, this seems very unlikely because our DNA shapes our body, so we would have to look like extraterrestrials too. However I have an open mind, so if someone can explain to me how our DNA supposedly differs and why it doesn’t manifest in our bodies then I am prepared to listen.
  • Jelaila Starr, as usual, has her own take on this matter. She says that starseeds have an extraterrestrial parent on another planet, so that one of the parents on earth is only a surrogate. The real parent on earth is supposedly taken in astral form to another planet and impregnated if female, or if male then sperm is taken from him to impregnate an egg which is then inserted into the mother on earth. The starseed child is made to look more like the surrogate parent to ensure that it is accepted by them.
    To be honest, these ideas seem a bit whacky to me. I don’t see how someone can be “impregnated in astral form”, i.e. when they are in their energy body and not the physical body. Nor do I see why all this should be necessary. Why should starseed souls not be able to incarnate into a human body just like earthly souls do? And, as mentioned in the previous point, why do we need to have “extraterrestrial DNA” in order to be a starseed?

All of this only makes sense when you assume reincarnation, i.e. that a soul reincarnates into many bodies, gathering more experience each time and thus maturing. (See the article on Souls and Reincarnation for more on this topic.) Souls who are in the process of learning similar lessons form soul groups. There is one main soul group here on earth, and so every soul in it will keep incarnating here until it has learnt the lessons that are to learn here. It cannot choose to incarnate elsewhere until it has finished learning, or has no more karma here.

However, as a soul becomes very mature, probably approaching the culmination of very many lives, it appears to gain control over its new incarnations (as opposed to a younger soul, which does not yet have the strength and clarity to do so). Starseeds do not belong to the main soul group here on earth, so an important difference with them is that they incarnated here voluntarily.

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