Starseeds – Welcome to Planet Earth

This website is for you, if…

  • You would like to know (more) about Starseeds
  • If you think you might be a Starseed and want to know for sure
  • If you know you are a Starseed and want to share with other Starseeds


This website is moderated to contain high-quality information for and about Starseeds. You can submit your own Starseed biography (or other relevant articles) and leave anonymous comments on most pages. The comment system allows you to edit your comment for 5 minutes after submission, and also to subscribe to all or particular replies. Support is also possible in the Support Forum, in the form of nested comments – you don’t need to create an account here.

This website has been technically reworked in August 2021.  It used to be a forum where an own user account was required to participate. The participation has now been converted to a commenting system, for which an own account is not required – making it much easier to participate. We hope you do!