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    Message given to me from Sirian Council

    June 20, 2010

    by Crystalai

    Source is the only true creator. Everything is made from the spark of Source. This spark is breathed upon by the Source Consciousness to create an idea.

    That idea is transformed into a manifest form through the interaction of the crystal spheres of liquid light, crystal light, dust and gel. This energetic substance of creation has also been called prana and morphogenetic quantum energy.

    When we connect our consciousness into oneness with Source Consciousness, we become co-creators who also use the divine breath to ignite the spark of Source into an idea that becomes manifest through the crystal prana substance. This is the formula of creation, transfiguration, transformation and re-birth.

    This manifestation of true creation as eternal manifestation can only happen through the ignition of the spark of Source.

    Where is the spark of Source and how do we access it?

    We were all created from the spark of Source. When a baby is conceived, the first spark of Source has already been ignited through the consciousness of the parents. It is at this time of co-creation that the idea of this creation can remain the perfect unaltered state of Source Consciousness through Cosmic Consciousness into universal Consciousness and Galactic consciousness.

    It is at the moment when the spark of Source is ignited by the idea that remains eternally in the creations consciousness. Those parents who desire to have the responsibility of maintaining the Source consciousness of Eternal Life in their children must begin their process of co-creation long before their baby is born. The consciousness that the idea is conceived from must be the frequency of Source Consciousness.

    This frequency becomes unified into the full spectrum of the rainbow frequency of all wave lengths into one new sound or frequency. If the frequency of consciousness that conceives the child is already perfectly aligned into the full spectrum of Source, Cosmic, Universal, Galactic and Solar frequency, the child of the Rainbow will be born with the helium ring that provides the silver pastel rainbow frequency of the 14th dimension of Cosmic Consciousness reconnecting into the original breath of Source consciousness -the 15th dimensional angelic idea. This is the Consciousness pattern that is born through the heart of Mother Earth. The crystal heart of Mother Earth contains this same spark of Source that appears just below the child’s heart area before and after physical birth. That spark of Source becomes the soul of the child. The Soul contains all of the frequencies of the original spark and breath of Source.

    However, if the child’s parents consciousness is completely removed from the full spectrum of frequencies, the child will need help in re-connecting consciousness back into the full spectrum.

    There are more rainbow children being born now because there are more parents who are completely aligned into the full spectrum through their higher selves.

    The transformation that is taking place on Earth is occurring as a result of the higher selves of 5th, 8th, 12th and 14th dimensional consciousness weaving their frequencies into the light spectrum of Mother Earth.

    The light that is being activated through the Christ grids and Cosmic grids of Mother Earth in conjunction with the streams of crystal liquid light from Sirius B, the gamma waves of Sun Alcyone and other Suns of Cosmic Consciousness together with our Etheric Crystal Fairy families of Consciousness in the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth are performing the birth and re-birth of all of the original sparks of Source.

    All of the weaving and braiding of the frequencies that create the rainbow bridge back to Source Consciousness is being done by our Sirius Starry Family. The same family from the Aquarious galaxy where Sun Alcyone created Ajaho together with our starry family–the Sirian Council.

    The entire creation of Mother Earth was actually the creation of the baby star Ajaho who exploded and disbursed beyond Aquarius into the Milky Way. The project of re-alignment of Mother Earth into her original Frequency of Consciousness can only be perfectly performed by those who carry this exact frequency of the Sirian Council who created our templates originally.

    In order for the perfect re-birth into our original pristine Eternal Cosmic Consciousness, the Sirian Council planted their seed in the heart of Mother Earth. The entities who have guarded this seed of our perfect spiritual selves that originates from the spark of Source are the Aquafarians and angelic Sirian Councils. The angelic families of the Elohim and Seraphim angels as well as all other tribes of angelic consciousness are contained in the frequencies of the crystal caves of Inner Earth.

    The full spectrum rainbow frequency of consciousness must include the new harmonic tone of oneness of all of the angel’s consciousness. The liquid light energy of the Blue Crystal Water Fairies contains the same re-creation transformational crystal light, crystal dust and crystal gel transformational energy of neuro plasticity that allows a brand new template or form to be created from the inside- out.

    The spark of Source is deep within each cell of our bodies. When he cosmic angelic frequencies are breathed upon this spark together with the universal or kaharahistic frequencies, the spark of Source is breathed into a brand new idea. This time the brand new idea contains all of the galactic, universal and Cosmic consciousness of this entire matrix. However, this consciousness is being re-birthed through the original perfect angelic consciousness of the original breath of Source that was maintained for us deep with in the etheric center of each crystal cell in our body to be awakened by the spiritual body of eternal source frequency inside of the Etheric Blue Crystal Fairy Chambers of the Liquid Light areas around the Crystal Caves of Inner Earth.

    The Brand new breath and brand new idea allows a brand new matrix to appear from Source Consciousness.

    The tiny crystal blue fairies also weave and braid their liquid light frequencies around the microtubules of the neuronet which is at the most subatomic, etheric level of the crystal cells of the brain and heart. These fairies are actually singing their frequencies into the harpstrings of the mind. Each DNA strand has a cover around it that looks like tiny little harpstrings. When we think at the cellular level or third dimensional level, we are only using two of these tiny harpstrings. However, when the fairies become the directors of our Cosmic Orchestra in our minds, it is their melodies that become the symphony that unites the frequencies of all dimensions into one new tone of home that we will exhale into our new re-birth as full spectrum light bodies.

    Welcome to our new home where the frequency of the Blue Dolphinoids from Sirius B align into one new crystal pillar with the Aqua Blue Crystal Fairies to create a new rainbow


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