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    How to publish Topics and Replies

    Oh boy – this has gotten real easy as the bulletin board software has gotten better and better!

    Creating a new user account

    Without your own user account you can only read topics and replies in the public forums. If your would like to write topics or replies yourself, or read and write the members forum, then you need to register an account with us – see the Join Us article.

    What you can do as a logged-in user

    Select one of the forums (the private members forum is selectable only in the right sidebar). You’ll then see a list of the topics in that forum; any at the top of the list with a yellow background are “sticky” topics, which stay at the top – normally they contain instructions for using the forum. You can read any of the topics and its replies simply by clicking on it (the topic name).

    As a participant member you can also create a new topic or reply to an existing one – use the editor at the bottom of the appropriate page to do so. When creating a new topic please give it a title which will allow people to infer what it contains, and add appropriate topic tags (keywords) before you click on “Submit”.

    That’s pretty much it! Reply to this topic if you have any problems.

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